Autism Questions: What Do You Want To Know?

For those of you that have been keeping up with my blog posts you will know that I am now on YouTube as well as writing the weekly blog. I am really enjoying doing both but I am also trying to juggle not blogging and filming the same topics to keep the content of both different from each other. This means I will start to run out of things to talk about quicker.

So what would you like to know? I want to answer your questions about autism, whether you are autistic or not.

I am planning on doing a video about relationships and dating at some point and would like questions on this. My other half won’t be appearing on videos (as he doesn’t want to be filmed) but I can still ask him any of your questions that you may want to ask. He isn’t autistic but does have an autistic son, this gives him his own unique view on what it is like to date someone autistic as well as having a child that also is.

Is there any topics that you don’t seem to be able to find much information on?

I did a video on selective mutism because I couldn’t find much information about it (of course once I did the video I found lots because of internet data, cookies etc) and these are the types of topics I want to cover to get more information out there in the world.

Depending on the amount of research needed on each topic will decide how long it takes for me to do the video and it be posted.

Hope you are all staying safe.


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

8 thoughts on “Autism Questions: What Do You Want To Know?”

    1. Thank you for the question.
      That definitely is a loaded question. The basics of it are: 1. I have always been independent, I get that from being the last in a long line of strong women. 2. A lot of the time it isn’t a choice, I don’t live near a support system.
      I’ll have to have a good think about this one, I have a feeling it’ll be a long blog post at some point!

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      1. Would love a blogpost on the topic of independence! I can’t wait to read it. I love reading about strong, independent women like you!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for taking questions. Okay, this is kind of a loaded one. I’ve commented before, basically asking about Autism for my sister’s sake. She’s applying to colleges right now and not sure what career would be good. What kind of job would you recommend that minimizes social interaction (and one that is not very academically challenging)? Which kinds of jobs have you found to be the most fulfilling?


    1. Thank you for question.
      This is a hard one for me because it’s an area were I have struggled the most. As I went until this year without diagnosis I never had the support to be able to go into a career I enjoyed and I have worked in retail all my life and I’m now in the stage of looking into what I want to do balanced with what I am able to do. The advice I would give for now would probably be to look into careers that are to do with your sisters special interests as many autistic people seem to find it easier to study and not as challenging. Definitely look into the support available for your sister at the colleges she would like to go to as this may help in the decision.
      I hoped that is helpful until I have the time to go more in-depth into this subject.

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