Autism Special Interests

One subject that everyone seems to focus on when it comes to autistic people is that we always have a special interest. This is one particular topic that we love and will talk about all day if you give us half the chance. For some it can even border (or completely tip over into) obsession. I have seen special interests described as giving comfort in times of distress for autistic people as well. This can be a huge advantage for autistic people as a special interest can often develop into a successful career. I have visited the Rolls Royce site as a Teaching Assistant and seen an autistic child in my class light up when he discovered members of staff there had autism as well, he instantly knew that his dream job could easily become a reality.

I’m a little different when it comes to special interests as I have a few! I think this might have something to do with also having ADHD and not being able to concentrate on things easily and not being able to stick to a task. It was evident as a child that films would be one of these as I would watch Wizard of Oz once a day, every day (much to the annoyance of my brother) and could quote the whole film. I still do love that film but I only watch it once a year now. There are also many other films and programmes that I am now borderline obsessed with, have watched many times and will read as much as ppossible about them whenever I can.

But I also have other special interests and one of them isn’t as socially acceptable as films/tv shows.

My other main special interest is serial killers. Yeah you read that right, I am fascinated by serial killers. Don’t get me wrong here I in no way condone what they do, I do not want to hurt people and don’t like people that do but I am intrigued by what makes them tick and do the things they do. Also, you can thank my mum for this one as she is the person who got me into true crime documentaries many moons ago. I do also enjoy gangster stuff as well, not the modern style but the old style mafia gangsters, the Bonnie and Clyde types etc. Again it’s because I’m fascinated by what makes them become the people they are/where, I also enjoy the stories of how they get caught and what happens to them afterwards.

My third main special interest is history and mythology but this is such a broad subject that I don’t seem to place as much time into it as the previous two. But I do enjoy reading about the monarchy of the UK, Greek and Roman mythology and random interesting historical stories.

Now this is where I think the ADHD kicks in with all of this (or maybe it’s also linked to Autism). I have a terrible memory, really terrible memory. So I can’t recall dates of when things happen very well but can recall most of the details of what actually happened. I will forget a lot of films I have seen but still know who was in the film and maybe some trivia about it. When it comes to my favourite films then I can reel off most of the actors and who they played, will remember everything about it as soon as I start talking and more than likely know a whole bunch of trivia.

It’s a lot easier when your special interest is Maths, Science or Engineering to study at school/college/university and have a successful career but my problem in life is how do I turn knowing most of the lines from Firefly off by heart or that the Boston Strangler case is still officially a cold case into a career? Especially as school was over half my lifetime ago now and I need adjustments making on any job I have.

Well that was just a little rant about special interests. If you are autistic or know someone who is and you have a special interest then go with it. Use it and the joy it brings you to turn it into a lifelong passion and fulfilling career.


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

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