Adult With Autism bonus post: What’s in my bag?

I thought I would post a nice, more light hearted bonus post today to help alleviate the tension of what’s happening in the world. And , also, because isolation is making me extremely bored and I don’t have anything better to to do right now.

As someone with autism, I tend to carry around a lot of things. I’m a worrier and tend to always be over prepared. So, what’s in my bag?

For day-to-day life I have a lot of the same items in my bag. I never drink enough so I do try and take a bottle of liquid with me when I can and I’ll throw in a breakfast bar or something to nibble on in case I can’t find any food I like anywhere. My phone is an obvious one but I also take my iPad everywhere with me. I have recently found that listening to podcasts while being out is very soothing and my iPad has the space to download a lot of podcasts at once. I also take headphones to block out loud noises (and listen to the podcasts) and sunglasses to help block out any harsh lighting. I’ll always have some form of fidget or stress relief toy with me in case things get a bit too much. I always pack in at least one shopping bag as well as things rarely go to plan on how many groceries I end up buying if I see decent offers on. These are my typical items. Depending on the weather depends on what else I’ll take. If I’m unsure about how cold it is I’ll take hat and fingerless gloves with me. Ifs it really warm I’ll take hay fever medication and tissues just in case.

What I pack when travelling is a whole different level of extreme packing. I’ll always take a t-shirt for every day I’m away as well as underwear plus at least one spare because you never know what’s going to happen. I tend to dress myself on how I feel each day as well as weather but I have no idea how warm or cold I’ll be until I feel it for myself so there’ll be an abundance of skirts, shorts, dresses, cardigans, one hoody just in case, many pairs of sunglasses and more shoes than I end up wearing. I end up taking double of everything that I actually need and packing a suitcase usually takes three stages. Stage one is getting out all the clothes I have for warm weather (I have never been on a cold weather holiday) and pile them according to what they are I.e skirts on one pile, shirts on another. Second stage is going through them and weeding out similar items. I know that I’m not going to need all five black dresses that I own so I have to pick the one I’m most likely to wear there. I do this until I have a much more condensed pile. Stage three is then trying to be strict with myself. I have to decide which of those items I really won’t wear while being away, if it’s a really hot place then it’s very unlikely I’ll want to wear denim shorts for example. The whole process can be quite stressful at times as I’ll doubt my choices and want to put more items in the suitcase than will actually fit and I forget that I end up wearing less than half of it sometimes.

There we have it. Those are the items in my bag. I’m sure this will change over time as I plan to get an autism medical card and that will then end up in there as I’m sure other things will too.


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

3 thoughts on “Adult With Autism bonus post: What’s in my bag?”

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing what’s in your bag. This is a remainder to me I have to prepare a bag for my 9 yr old son in future.
    I also want to appreciate the fact that you are able to carry out this difficult task of packing. I am sure it would be so overwhelming for you. Share some tips, how do you combat the overwhelm ness.


    1. Lists are extremely helpful. If I know I’m going on a trip then I start a list anywhere upto a month beforehand and stick it on the fridge. That way I can add to it when I remember things. It’s also good to look at pictures and maps of where I’m going so that it looks more familiar to me when I’m there. And I’m not afraid to speak out, next time I fly I’ll be contacting the airport ahead of time to get an invisible disabilities lanyard and pass, that way they can help support me and make it easier.


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