Autism, ADHD and the lack of NHS funding

As I write this I’m not in the best head-space so I apologise if it comes across as ranting, bitter or a little bit incoherent.

Background – At my ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) assessment I was given my official diagnosis of ASD but also told I have a high probability of ADHD. The assessor told me if they could diagnose ADHD at the assessment they would do but couldn’t so I would have to be put on another waiting list for an official diagnosis. I am all for this as any knowledge I can get on the disorders I have can only empower me to make positive changes in my life. Since November my Drs have insisted on putting me on anti-depressants as that is how they have interpreted my ASD and ADHD symptoms. This medication has been doing nothing for me so I requested a medication review so I could change onto medication that would help me rather than hinder.

And then we have what happened today. My appointment was changed into a phone call appointment due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Even though phone calls cause me extreme anxiety I agreed as I really need some form of help to be able to function day-to-day and was looking forward to being able to get help, support and something to gt me through the day for once.

Did this happen? No, it did not.

Without diagnosis there is only one type of medication the GP can prescribe and this is for the physical hyperactivity side of ADHD, pretty much the only ADHD symptom I don’t have. And that’s it, that’s the answer. No support, no help, just get on with your life the best you can, oh but don’t forget to get back in contact if you start feeling down about this or your mood changes.

I am one of the unfortunate ones in the kind of ‘postcode lottery’ of the NHS and it’s funding. I live in an area were there is no support available for ASD or ADHD, which is why my wait for an ADHD diagnosis is approximately two years and the nearest diagnosis centre is Sheffield. I live a 40 minute train journey away from Sheffield, in terms of the UK this isn’t classed as being close by. Even though I have had my diagnosis of ASD or over a month I can’t get any referrals or help from my GP until the report arrives.

So today I am currently in a kind of despair due to this information. There is no way I can continue to put my life on hold, especially not or another two years, after I have already feel like my life has not moved forward for over ten years.

I now have two options. Firstly, accept the information given and wait it out until my assessment for ADHD. My second option is to go private and pay for an assessment to cut the waiting time. However, this is currently a viable option as I would be looking at having to spend at least £600 for this and that’s money I just can not afford to spend until my finances are stable (as it is I’m not receiving enough money to break even a month and I am using my savings to cover my monthly costs but that will only last for so long before it will have run out).


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

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