Would you cure your Autism?

Firstly, I apologise if this blog doesn’t come across as articulate as I would like it too. I’m in a bit of a foggy phase, were I don’t have much energy and my brain feels like it’s been swapped with cotton wool, so I hope my point comes across.
I often wonder that if there was a cure for Autism would I take it? Would others take it? Should we completely wipe out Autism if it was possible?

I swing between yes and no for if I would cure myself if I had a choice. Being autistic impacts my life negatively in a lot of ways. I can never work full time and I’ll never be able to work in a job I love because I get too overloaded and exhausted easily, I only have a few friends who I don’t spend much time with and I don’t get chance to a lot of what I would love too because I hate social situations and I get quite anxious when going to new places. There are other examples but you get the idea. So a big part of me would like to think I would cure myself if I could.

But, on the other hand, a big part of me would say no because when I’m in a good place mentally my life can be awesome because of being autistic, it makes me very creative and fun as well as spontaneous. I feel very deeply so when I love someone, I really love and care for them and enjoy that feeling as well being autistic making me very loyal. Being autistic is a big part of my identity, because everything move I make feels weaved untie being autistic I have no idea who I would be without it and that is quite a scary thought.

I can easily understand how some people would jump at the chance of a cure, especially anyone who feels like they can’t live a full or fulfilled life while being autistic. I can understand, as well, why some parents would want the cure for their child who is extremely violent or who can’t live at home full time because their autism is so severe.

I don’t think completely wiping out Autism is necessarily a ‘good’ thing, there are many people out there who live in perfect harmony with their autism and it is what has driven them to achieve great things in their lives, but a choice might be a good thing.


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

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