Autism Products

This post was inspired by a video @TheAspyWorld posted on Twitter were he reviewed a few items bought from Wish so I started doing some digging myself into products.
So I started looking at what type of Autism products are out there and there is a lot, which is great….if you’re not an adult female with autism.

Typing ‘autism’ on Wish was probably one of the worst for me as there was quite a lot of the same things repeated and I get bored of trawling through things quite quickly. Half of the items on there was clothing and jewellery, mainly aimed at relatives of people with autism, and the rest was mainly items aimed at children, such as chewable items. The clothing and jewellery, personally, is very unappealing, for a condition that brings social anxiety with it the last thing I want is a cap/top with I’m Autistic blazoned all over it. All was not completely lost and there was a few items on there for adults. There’s plenty of fidget spinners, if that’s you’re type of thing, but also ring spinners and calming lights for your room. Overall, I was underwhelmed by the lack of choice on Wish but I wasn’t expecting much for a place selling cheap items.

Ebay wasn’t much better and the items, again, are marketed towards children with autism. On the first page of browsing there wasn’t any clothing or jewellery and more educational items and day planners instead, an improvement on Wish but still only a couple of items I would possibly be interested in and those would be cheaper on Wish as well.

Etsy had a bit more choice on it, among the usual cheap looking clothes and jewellery, including more adult looking mood meters and various medical cards and bracelets. There was quite a few items that made me stop and look in more detail and be intrigued to own.

Amazon has more choice when it comes to the literature side of things so it’s a good place to head to if you want self help books or more understanding and knowledge on the subject. Other products tend to be a lot of the same thing but it does have a few weighted blankets come up quicker on a search than other websites.

All in all I wasn’t very surprised to find not much choice of helpful items for adults with autism. My intention soon is to buy a few things I think will help me and do some honest reviews on the products, with links and I’ll try for some pictures too.


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

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