Autism and money

I have a very unhealthy relationship with money and I have to not look at my bank account to stop myself spending it all and this has been a struggle my entire life. I also hate opening my post as I dread having to pay things and this has gotten me in financial trouble in the past, including almost having to go to court to pay things and ending up having to pay more because of late fees. I have, however, started to get on top of this recently and I’ve also done a lot of digging to find out what money I am entitled to or could possibly qualify for and I want to share my findings with you.

ESA – ESA, or new style employment and support allowance as it’s fully called, is a benefit available to people who have a disability that affects how much they can work. Your current employment status doesn’t affect you getting this money but you have to have made enough national insurance contributions to be eligible. It’s not a means tested benefit, which means it won’t be taken away from you if your circumstances change. To apply for ESA I went into my local job centre, filled in a form and had a couple of appointments to attend.

More details here –

Universal credit – This is the benefit that has replaced a whole list of others into one lump sum so instead of having to apply for income support and housing benefit, as an example, you just apply for universal credit and they’ll let you know how much you qualify for. This is a means tested benefit so changes in circumstance can affect how much you can get. To apply you need to do this online and it can be a slightly annoying and drawn out process.

More details here –

PIP – Personal Independent Payment is available for anyone with a disability that affects there day-to-day life, a bit like ESA. There has been some improvements in PIP in recent years as it now covers mental health conditions, rather than just physical ones, but I have also heard some horror stories from friends on how they’ve been treated by assessors, being denied PIP etc so go into this one fully prepared to have a fight on your hands just in case. This is why I haven’t gotten round to applying for it yet. You have to ring to get an application form and they do seem to be more aimed at physical disabilities. If your symptom or something that affects you isn’t an option then use the extra information sections to detail this.

More details –

Help on filling out PIP forms –

These are the benefits out there that are available to any adult with autism and bear in mind that you don’t need an actual diagnosis to apply for any of them but it does help and having anything more official helps so see your GP to explain any issues and ask for help.

There are other ways of getting a little extra cash if you’re unable to work or even to work in around any employment.

Quidco – I do most of my shopping online so I use Quidco to get a little bit of cash back, after a few Christmas purchases and a couple of kitchen appliances I have about £6 in my account. £6 doesn’t seem like much but that’s after just a few purchases and £6 would feed my cat for a week. There’s also Top Cashback as well, if you’re super savvy then check both to see which offers the best amount back for where you want to make your purchase.

Quidco –

Help to save – this is something I came across recently but sounds like a win-win if you can afford to save a small amount each month. For anyone claiming certain benefits the government are doing a help to save scheme which will give you a 50% payment on your saved money after two years! You can save between £1 and £50 a month and can withdraw the money at any time. It’s a way to help people on low income to save money.

More details –

Yougov – this website gives you a survey a day and never screens you out. Each survey is worth 50 points and 5000 points will pay out £50, surveys only take upto 15 minutes to fill out so I used to do them on the bus to work each morning.

Yougov site –

Swagbucks – this isn’t one of the best out there but I’ve gotten a fair amount out of it for very little effort. I have found the best way to earn points is to answer the daily poll and download the swag bucks watch app to watch videos but just leave the videos running while I’m doing other things, this will get 11 points a day and it’s about 700 points for a £5 Amazon voucher at the time of writing (I save these up for Christmas and don’t have much to pay out for presents plus can still get cashback on Quidco when paying with vouchers). If you also like the Facebook page they’ll post when there’s links for extra bonus points just for clicking the link (all secure). If you have extra time on your hands there’s other ways to earn extra points, such as downloading and playing games. The link below will give you a bonus 300sb if you earn 300sb within the first month so you’ll be well on your way to earning.

Swagbucks –


I hope some of these links are of help to anyone who might be struggling to get the financial support they need, these are just the things I have researched but there’s other things to look into such as if you qualify for the winter heating allowance. Ask around for anything else you may be entitled to or for help in applying for the things you need or feel free to ask me and I’ll do the leg work on your behalf if I can.

As always likes and follows are very much appreciated and contact me if there’s any subject surrounding Autism that you would like me to explore.




Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

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