My Autistic life hacks

Life with Autism is draining but, thanks to modern technology, there are a lot of little things that I use to make life run smoothly and help to give me the energy boost I need. I’m currently in a phase were I burnout or meltdown really easily so I usually only leave the house a couple of times a week, for a couple of hours each time. You can imagine that trying to get all my food shopping done, necessary appointments and anything that’s actually fun is very limited. The day after going out the house is usually a complete write off, sometimes I don’t have the energy to get dressed and I rarely eat properly on these days. Over time I have developed little cheats, just little ways of making my daily routine easier and attempting to still look after myself.

The little things.

These are all the small adjustments I have made to make life easier:

An electric toothbrush – some days I don’t even have enough energy or will power to move my arm to brush my teeth so investing in an electric toothbrush has been a big help. During bad spells I could go days without brushing my teeth (gross, I know, but it was either that or not having the energy to eat or drink) but now I can get this little task checked off easily every day.

Face wipes – need to go out somewhere but don’t have the energy to get clean then face wipes are brilliant, also grab some deodorant wipes as well. Getting clean when you really need to but don’t want to can feel like an impossible task but these items makes it very simple, quick once over with a face wipe (or baby wipes will sometimes do the trick) and you’re good to go.

Mouthwash – there are some days that I can’t stand the feeling of a toothbrush in my mouth, luckily these are the days I’m not usually going to be leaving the house, but I still need to keep my hygiene in check so I’ll give my mouth a rinse with mouthwash instead just to try and keep on top of things.

Quick food – while not being the most nutritious ready meals can be a life saver when I’m not feeling upto cooking a full meal. Protein bars and cereal bars are also a great idea to have in the cupboard for extra energy boosts. I also have smash and noodles for quick side dishes or quick fixes, lots of chocolate and crisps for very bad days as well as bottles and cans of drinks. When you haven’t got the energy to even pour a drink then these are great. I try and stock up on things like fruit juices and flavoured water rather than the higher sugar content drinks or I’ll feel worse in the long run.

Drink container for your fridge – while on the theme of food and drinks I also have a plastic container for my fridge that holds over 1 litre of liquid. If I have enough energy in a morning I’ll fill it up with a dilute drink and pop it back in the fridge. On really bad days I’ll take it in to the living room with a glass so that I heave it to hand if I know I won’t be moving around much. Keeping on top of hydration is important, and I’m terrible at it, because it’ll make you feel a whole load better in the long run.

Jogging bottoms and leggings – without a few pairs of each of these types of clothing I wouldn’t get out of the house some days. There are times when only one of my senses is sensitive and it’s usially touch, which means it’s impossible for me to put most clothing on. I always get really nice soft jogging bottoms and leggings, as well as loose tops and comfy jumpers, for days such as these. It means I can still get out the house and get things done. I also find it makes me feel better when I’m at home too. I’m more likely to get things done, even on bad days, if I have gotten dressed into something rather than just lounging about in pjs all day. If I’m too zapped of energy at the end of the day then these are items I can fall asleep in comfortable and get changed again the next morning.

There are loads of other items I use as well – headphones, dry shampoo, remote control plugs – but I would be here all day explaining all the little things.

The big things.

Cut it out – cut out any unexpccessary steps to things. You don’t need to wear make up every time you leave the house and it’s extra effort you just don’t have the energy to do so cut it out. You don’t need to socialise with every person you know, if they’re not there for you then they’re not your friend so stop clinging to the friendship, you’ll end up with more time and energy for the things you need and the real friends. Cut out everything that you just don’t need to do. Since I did this I’ve improved health wise, I have more time and I have better friends.

Get a cleaner – if you can afford to do it then get a cleaner once a week to help out. Eradicating a task you don’t want to do will eliminate stress you didn’t even know you had. If I know something needs cleaning then I will never do it, my brain freaks out at anything I have to do so I end up spiralling. So I’m planning on getting a cleaner soon so that I can stop stressing over the things I don’t want to do but finally have a fully clean house.

Online shopping – this is a definite life saver. Days that I’m in the house but I want to get stuff done then I do a big online shop for anything that isn’t fresh. I’ll stock up on cat food and litter, snacks, tin food, cereals, teabags etc and then I know I only need to grab fresh food whenever it’s needed. I also meal plan for the week according to what I have in and then only shop for the things I need, it does mean that I can change the plan around if I’m having a bad day as well. I also order a lot of other things online as well, including clothing, furniture etc because it is easier than going out and doing it (I also shop through quidco to get cash back as well, it isn’t much back each time but it starts to add up).


These are the things that I have in place that make my life easier but they might not work for you but I hope there’s something there that might help someone’s day get a little easier. I would be interested to know if anyone else has any other little hacks and cheats that help you. As always likes and followers are very much appreciated.

For now I’ll be lounging in my jogging bottoms continuing to eat my way through Christmas chocolates and sweets.


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

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  1. I relate to most of this post, quick food is my go to at times, something easy, something comforting, something satisfying!

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