Today I can take on the world

I genuinely feel like I could take on anything today, which is far from how I felt when the day started.

Today was my first appointment for Universal Credit as I am now unemployed and unsure if I will be able to be healthy enough to go back to work anytime soon. I have also applied for New Style Employment and Support Allowance (or something to that effect) and am waiting to hear back from that one. Both of these benefits go hand in hand so if I qualify for new style they will take that amount off any universal credit I may be entitled to. I questioned whether it was worth applying for new style but was advised it is as it isn’t a means based benefit. If I move, if my boyfriend moved in or if I was given a lot of money then I would still get it, whereas universal credit is means based so that would be taken away if my circumstances changed.

After the horror stories you see in the paper and online I was worried about this process but it has been quite painless so far (touch wood), I applied last week for both of these and have had appointments to get the ball rolling within a week of applying. I do have another appointment for universal credit tomorrow but I’m quite hopeful. The main bit I am dreading is the health assessment as I have experience of these going disastrously wrong (my dad was deemed fit for work even though his arthritis was so bad he couldn’t walk or use his hands and was waiting for surgery on his feet) but that’s a problem for another day. The gentleman I saw today was very polite and understanding and, when he saw sensory problems on my fit note, made sure I was comfortable and told me to just let him know if I was having any problems being there. He also booked me the next appointment at a quieter time of day so I was very impressed with the care taken towards me.

My appointment was midday so I have had the rest of the day to unwind, which has already recharged my batteries so I am currently cooking a sausage casserole. I know, how very adventurous of me!

And then the next bit of good news. The back story to this one is in my blog about delivery driver incidents for those who haven’t read it yet.

I received a grovelling apology from DPD with assurances that the depot has been notified and the driver in question will be spoken to. I feel like David and Goliath, I took on the big guy and won! I wasn’t really expecting anything after seeing what bad reviews DPD has online and was fully expected to just be ignored and never hear anything again. But they did and now I feel like a warrior.

No one should be spoken to the way I was and I’m very glad that I was listened to and my feelings were acknowledged.

For the rest of the evening you’ll find me wandering round my house in a cape with underwear on top of my pjs wondering what other heroic acts I can take on!


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

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