Where’s the support?

My main reason for starting to write this blog is to highlight that there seems to be a lack of support for adults with particular conditions. I was going to originally write this post a few years ago when I found that there was also a lack of support for my brother, who has a brain injury, and has just been left to live his life with no support services helping. I feels like I have been left in the same situation at the moment.

My original phone call to my Drs was because I had been finding it very difficult to cope with everyday life and I was extremely depressed. I needed help and I always believed that I suffered with some mental health condition but had never received any real help from health services.

I had been to different drs in the last asking for help but was simply told to try different tablets (which I had to pay for while my finances were unstable) that never worked. Because they didn’t work I was then passed onto counselling and CBT. Their diagnosis was I suffered with low mood. BPD was never explored, autism was never explored, numourous other conditions were never explored. I didn’t have depression, I wasn’t schizophrenic and I wasn’t bipolar therefore I’m just chronically low. I was so angry. I felt like I had been completely robbed off, not given any support and not listened to so I stopped asking for help.

But things had come to a head again. I was in a loving relationship, nice house, adorable pet cat, steady job and yet I couldn’t find the motivation to do anything and I was very emotional.

So I rang the drs office, holding back tears, pleading for help.

The only reason autism was even explored is because it was suggested to me that I present as autistic so I gave that information to the dr. Even then it was a struggle to get to even the point I am at now. I was given the quotant assessment to do and the dr scored it wrong, which is something I noticed and had to check online at home. I then I had to ring the drs again and ask to see a different gp and do the assessment again. This time it was scored properly and the dr was great with the effort she made with me.

I was finally put on the waiting list to see a specialist and received the confirmation letter. Average waiting time 13 months!

My original phone call to the drs was October 2017, I received the confirmation letter May 2018 and it’s now January 2019.

The main thing I have noticed in all this time is that I have been given no support or help. Without a diagnosis I have no resources I can access even though my original phone call was a plea for help. This is something I hope will change and it’s something I’m going to look into so if someone else reading this also needs help then maybe Something I find can help them.

Or if anyone out there is reading this and knows of any help for someone like me then please get in touch.


Author: AdultsWithAustism

I decided I wanted to do something positive with my life and speak out about what it feels like to be an adult with autism.

One thought on “Where’s the support?”

  1. age 68 and the same things happened to me, I self diagnosed as autistic at age 65/66 and got official diagnosis after struggles at age 68. I decided to write a blog for old people who thought they might be autistic. You are so right, there is very little available for adult autistic folk, as far as society is concerned, we might not exist, yet because the diagnosis of autism is so new and our understanding is just developing, most of us born before 1985 or so probably missed diagnosis. In the USA alone there are about 1.8 million autistic children, but what is missed is that there are most like about 4 million to 6 million adults who missed diagnosis simply because it was not known when we were children. We need to develop more awareness of the need for adult diagnosis and support… that’s why I started my blog last year in January. We are on the same mission. It is so wonderful when we find diagnosis and realize we are not alone!


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